Israel, Racist?

Miles Hoenig’s attempt to justify a boycott of Israel (Your Say, March 7) by stating that “Israel’s policies toward its Palestinian residents is nothing short of outright racism” is false on two levels. Only Palestinian residents of what is known by some as East Jerusalem can qualify to be Israeli residents (as opposed to Israel’s Arab population who are citizens). Palestinians who live in Judea and Samaria are either citizens of the Palestinian Authority, Jordan or both. In addition, the number of Palestinians in East Jerusalem who are applying for Jerusalem residency are increasing in greater numbers every year. Polls have shown that the most stated reason for this is that Israel affords Palestinians greater rights and freedoms than the PA does. This belies Hoenig’s spurious charges of racism. Why would you want to become an official member of an entity that has racist policies against you?

Muslims are free to live, work, worship, vote and own property in Israel, whereas Mahmoud Abbas has declared on numerous occasions that any future state of Palestine will be “Judenrein,” free of Jews; and a Palestinian that sells land to Jews is not only breaking the law but is committing an offense punishable by death. I’m confused; Israel is the racist in this discussion?

Joshua Gurewitsch

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