Israel: Bastion Of Freedom

Concerning Miles Hoenig’s letter (Your Say, March 7) that supports the boycott of Israel’s universities and colleges, targeting any learning institution is wrong and should never be considered in any way, shape or form. But targeting Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, smacks of racism and anti-Semitism. Israel is a shining bastion of freedom for all the world. It has incredible scientific and technological know-how to share with the world. An academic boycott would impede the free flow of important ideas.

Hoenig’s letter also says that Israel “humiliates men, women and children at checkpoints.” It is easy to sit far away and criticize the security measures of a country that is trying to protect its own vulnerable women and children from acts of terrorism.

The Palestinians who are crossing into Israel want to go there to get the jobs and benefits that Israel provides. There is no humiliation in making sure that it is the only reason they enter Israel.

Ada Grodzinsky

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