Baltimore Man Escapes Possible Carjacking

A Baltimore man in the northern Park Heights area evaded three men who may have been trying to steal his car on the night of Wednesday, March 5.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Thav said he was in his car, parked in the driveway at his home in the 3700 block of Glen Avenue, when three men — two on the driver’s side and one of the passenger’s side — surrounded his vehicle.

When the men told him to open the car and he refused, one of the men on the driver’s side began banging on the car with a metal object that Thav believes was a gun.

“I haven’t heard a bang like that to put the fear of the lord in me,” he said.

Thav drove away and called 911, and the men did not follow him. Police met him at his house to take a report shortly after.

Baltimore City Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jarron Jackson said police filed a report for an armed person so that officers responding to the scene would know that the suspects were possibly armed. Officers who canvassed the area did not find any suspects, he said. Thav was unable to confidently confirm if one of the men brandished a gun.

“You should definitely see more patrols in the area,” said Jackson. “We’ve let all the officers in the area know.”

Thav said a similar occurrence happened to his wife about a year ago when she was driving on Menlo Avenue around the corner from their home. Men banged on her car door to get in and followed her when she drove off, but they fled when she called police, said Thav.

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