A Personal View on Marriage

More than 64 years ago, a Jewish male and a gentile female met (“Intermarriage a Disappointment,” Feb. 7). After spending time together for nearly a year, they really wanted to get married. She made a list of things that should be observed if they could have a happy life together: marriage done by a rabbi; membership in a Reform synagogue; major Jewish holidays observed; a bris for a son and a naming for a daughter; and Hebrew school and bar and bat mitzvahs for the children.

It was so difficult to find a willing rabbi to do the wedding; we felt the ceremony would have to be done at City Hall by a judge. But fortunately for us a brave and caring Reform rabbi felt it would be a loving and respected union.

We have been married for more than 63 years and have children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

At times, there are heartbreaking things in everyone’s life. At times, there are wonderful and happy occasions spent together as a family.

Isn’t it a life that is true for all of us?

Buddy and Jean Carton

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