The Imposter Bride

030714_mishmash_bookBy Nancy Richler
St. Martin’s Griffin, 368 pages

“The Imposter Bride” begins with the wedding of Lily Azerov, fresh from the experience of World War II, to Nathan Kramer, a Jew from Montreal. Lily is not who she claims to be. She is working hard to put her past behind her and build a new life with a man who adores her. But she cannot hold it all together and leaves a few months after the birth of their daughter.

Ruthie Kramer has lived her entire life without a mother. She constantly wonders why her mother held on to a journal written in Yiddish by a stranger. Ruthie spends her life trying to piece together her mother’s story and not be affected by it.

This is a gripping novel. The author pulls the reader back in time with her. I found myself connected to both main characters and wanted them both to succeed and find fulfillment. I appreciated the many historical references in this novel. My only disappointment was with the ending. But I definitely recommend the book, which can be appreciated by a wide audience.

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