Intermarriage a Disappointment

As someone who was featured in a previous “Beshert” story and long-time subscriber to the JT, I was extremely disappointed to see two stories that both featured intermarried couples (“Same Difference,” Jan. 3, and “Relay for Life,” Jan. 17). During a time when intermarriage is soaring and we are fighting for our future as a people, the JT and its staff should be embarrassed to highlight newlyweds who are not even Jewish. This not only diminishes the magazine’s credibility as a Jewish publication, but also gives a stamp of approval to a life decision that could wipe out Judaism as we know it in a few generations.

Are there really not enough Jewish couples to write about? Is there really a lack of Jews in our community actually committed to preserving our 5,000-year-old heritage? I personally know of several couples, at different levels of observance, who recently got engaged or married. These couples are actually “committed to raising a Jewish family and keeping a Jewish home.”

Seth S.

Editor’s Note: Couples who wish to be featured in the “Beshert” column should contact 410-902-2305 or e-mail


  1. N says

    The marriages profiled are disappointing? Do you want to know what is disappointing? This letter. What an unbelievably close-minded view. And for what it is worth, some intermarried couples are committed to raising a Jewish family and keeping a Jewish home.

  2. J.F. says

    As someone who was also previously featured in the JT Besheret column with my Jewish wife, I must add my disappointed voice to Seth S.’s well written letter. Although the JT does not bill itself as a “religous” organization, the JT’s admirable goal (as listed on its website) is to “build and strengthen the Jewish community” and it serves as a public face for the Jewish community to many.

    Focusing a well regarded column on intermarried couples, and not on the myriad Jewish marriages that occur monthly in Baltimore, does not even come close to achieving this goal. Sadly enough, it deters from “strengthening the community,” by making it the norm to consider intermarriage these days.

    If the JT purports to “build and strengthen the Jewish community,” it should publicly disavow itself from intermarriages; rather than overtly advertising them in its pages.

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