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012414_mishmash_bookBy Daphne-Kalotay
Harper Luxe, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers 2013, 352 pages

Nicholas Elko is a world-renowned composer who moves to Boston with his wife, Hazel, and his daughter, Jessie. While his wife is away visiting family, Nicholas has an affair with Remy, a violin student, and the two discover that they are soul mates. Years later, Remy and Nicholas are married, and Hazel is a single mother working at a fabric shop. The book interweaves the stories of Hazel, Remy and Nicholas through time, and it details their inner struggles, as well as their struggles with outside relationships and with each other.

The main focus of the book is on music — Nicholas’ success as a composer and Remy’s position as first violin with an orchestra. To me, this book played out like a symphony: dark and gloomy at times but then turning light and upbeat.

The author developed each character fully; I felt like I really knew Nicholas, Remy and Hazel. The book also was realistic: Divorces happen, affairs happen, and there is heartbreak and loss. Yet, somehow, we survive and become better people because of our experiences.

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