Psagot Criminals Captured

Two Arab men responsible for the Oct. 5 attacking and stabbing of an Israeli girl in Psagot were arrested by Israeli Police and Shabak, the army announced Sunday.

Abdallah Shahadeh Abu Kabitah, 22, and Shabel Atef Karan, 20, both residents of El-Bireh, a Ramallah suburb adjacent to Psagot, were arrested for attacking Noam Glick, 9, stabbing her twice in the neck. She subsequently recovered from her wounds.

During his questioning Abu Kabitah stated he tried to break into a home in Psagot to steal a weapon. He claimed he needed the weapon to resolve a personal dispute. He and Karan both scouted the Psagot security fence a few days before the attack; they cut the fence and Abu Kabitah advanced towards a house. A car passed by and he retreated.

On Oct. 5 Abu Kabitah returned, this time alone. He entered the security fence at the same point he did the first time, and on his way to one of the houses he encountered Noam. He was surprised by her, stabbed her twice and escaped.

Some sources have stated that it is unclear if the incident was a terror attack or if it was criminally motivated. The IDF has stated that it believes that the attack was a terrorist act, but the Israel Security Agency is treating it as a criminal act.

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