Har Sinai Launches Mobile App

Congregants of Har Sinai just got a technological upgrade.

Earlier this fall, Har Sinai Congregation launched a new mobile app that allows users to easily access news and event information, photos, a direct contact to the synagogue office, links to Har Sinai Congregation’s social media and a marketplace directory in which congregants can list their businesses.

“People kind of live by their phones right now,” said Monica Blum, Har Sinai’s director of communications, adding that the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

To develop the app, a process they began over the summer, Blum said the congregation worked with a company called Trackable Response to develop aspects that would be most beneficial to the congregants.

One of the most popular uses that Blum said she has noticed is the ability to register for events by using the app. Now, congregants are just a click away from signing up for any of the synagogue’s many available activities. For the congregation, this means they know immediately how many chairs, tables or plates of food they might need for any particular occasion. Also, members can be notified immediately when Har Sinai has weather-related cancellations, like earlier this month when snow caused it to cancel some programs.

For now, Blum said Har Sinai is the only congregation in the Baltimore area offering this kind of technology, but she has heard rumors of other synagogues looking to follow suit.

The app is free and available for download in both the iTunes and the Google Play stores.

Author’s note: The Baltimore Jewish Times app was also built by Trackable Response. The JT app is available for download for Blackberry, Android and Apple devices.

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