Former Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen Takes New State Post

Josh Cohen (Justin Tsucalas)

Josh Cohen (Justin Tsucalas)

Josh Cohen, the former Annapolis mayor who lost his re-election bid by 59 votes, has started a new job with the state.

Cohen started his new post as the chief administration officer at the Maryland Department of General Services, reporting to Secretary Alvin C. Collins, on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

“I wanted to find a position where I felt like I could make a difference, and I certainly believe there that there’s an opportunity here,” Cohen said.

The department supports other state agencies in the areas of facilities, procurement, logistics and maintenance services. Cohen will be making a salary of $112,500, he said.

The position will allow him to expand upon his executive management experience, he said. He spent his first two days reviewing the department’s budget, meeting with division directors and attending a meeting of the Maryland Green Purchasing Committee.

The former mayor didn’t immediately adjust after losing by 59 votes (3,934 to 3,875) to Republic Mike Pantelides, Annapolis’ first republican mayor since 1997.

“Right after the election, I had some sad days because I truly loved the job,” Cohen said. “We had a good team, and there was a lot I was looking forward to in the next four years.”

But he’s looking forward to digging into new issues.

“I like it because I’ll be working on budget, fiscal, personnel types of issues, a range of issues that aren’t particularly sexy, but are appealing to me,” he said.

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