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I am writing to you because I have been aware of Elsa Newman’s story for a long time (“Judaism Behind Bars,” Oct. 25).  I am involved with Mothers of Lost Children and have been actively seeking justice for Elsa and the other mothers who have lost custody of children they are trying to protect. I am a Jewish woman who lost custody. The court would not allow my daughter to attend Hebrew school or Temple, even though she wanted that too. There are so many injustices, and the legal abuse is deafening.  Please help us tell the story about this injustice.  The leadership council reports that 58,000 children are taken from fit, loving mothers.  I urge you to look into this event that many are calling a holocaust, where children are routinely taken from mothers trying to protect themselves and their children. Children are dying at the hands of their fathers, and no one is listening. Thank you so much for calling attention to Elsa’s story. Elsa is up for probation, and we need help to free Elsa Newman.

Melissa Barnett

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