In Search Of The Perfect Latke

For some, this is a very sensitive issue. Latkes must have onions, or they simply are not latkes. For others, the mere thought of onion-laden latkes (when everyone knows latkes are meantto be topped with sugar), is nothing less than bone-chilling. Let’s get cooking.

First, look through cookbooks from past and present, and ask friends and relatives to provide favorite recipes, as well. And yes, you must include Aunt Ruthie’s zucchini-and-chocolate latkes. Next, buy all the ingredients needed to make every kind of latke. (Don’t worry, this won’t be too extensive! Even the most creative cooks can’t go too far beyond potatoes and flour.) Then invite friends over, and try them all out. Or, ask each friend to prepare his or her favorite latke and bring over for a taste-testing contest. The winner gets to do the dishes! Well, maybe …

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