No Response?

It is worthy of comment that there has been no response to S.R. Cohen’s cogent letter (“Sad to Say,” Oct. 23) emanating from Rep. Andy Harris, either personally or his office, and no mention from Bob Ehrlich, Richard Vatz or other of his supporters. One would have, at the very least, expected an effort to explain the cover-up/suppression of the Jewish identity of Dr. Harris’ wife. Harris has children. How are they being raised?

If in Europe anti-Semitism has taken the form of bans on infant religious circumcision and ritual slaughter, then here in America, it is being expressed, in a veiled manner, via opposition to universal health care; the latter is a mainstay of Jewish law and Israeli practice. For example, locally, on right-wing WBAL talk radio, there is the singling out of Health Policy special adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel for special opprobrium with regard to the ACA.

In my memory, I cannot recall any Maryland congress member acting in as cavalier a fashion as Harris has done in this matter, in deliberately dismissing the concerns of the Free State’s Jewish citizens, as recorded in their organ of record, the Baltimore Jewish Times.

Steve Weissman

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