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112213_gg-book-reviewHow Dalia Put A Big Yellow Comforter Inside A Tiny Blue Box And Other Wonders Of Tzedakah
by Linda Heller
Hard cover, 32 pages
Tricycle Press

Tsadee daled Kof hay” means justice, fairness, compassion and joy. In this children’s book, perfect for children ages 3 to 7, main character Dalia teaches her inquisitive younger brother, Yossi, about the meaning of tzedakah. Along with her community center classmates, Dalia deposits half of her earnings into her decorated tzedakah box. With each contribution, her pushka grows to contain a big yellow comforter, a butterfly bush, a banana cream pie and kisses, wishes and hugs. Together, Yossi and Dalia share the special duty of tzedakah with those in need.


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