Could Do Better

The Nov. 1 print edition carried a quarter-page ad on page 20 heralding a lecture at Beth Tfiloh Congregation by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. In it, he was described as the chief rabbi of Efrat, Israel. Such is not only incorrect, but actually plays into the hands of the State of Israel’s political enemies.

Efrat is located on the West Bank and is not part of the territory internationally recognized as belonging to the State of Israel. The U.S. does not recognize it as such nor has the Knesset ever claimed (as in the case of East Jerusalem) to have annexed it. So what is the rationale for this pro-settler designation, pushed by the scrofulous Morton Klein and his Zionist Organization of America? This is especially since by designating the West Bank as part of the State of Israel, the term apartheid becomes applicable, and as such provides ammunition for the disgusting Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) crowd.

Beth Tfiloh can do so much better.

Baruch Shaw

• In the Nov. 8 article, “‘We Want To Hear You,’” there are 153 Jewish federations across North America.

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