Matisyahu Teams Up With Mobile Company For Chanukah App

Matisyahu is inviting children to join him in a musical celebration.

Matisyahu’s Happy Hanukkah Jam-Along app was released for the iPad on Thursday, Nov. 7. He teamed with Mibblio, the creator of a musical storybook app, to create his own similar app featuring one of his hit songs.

“For ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to be developed into a musical app that allows kids to celebrate the Festival of Lights is special for me,” Matisyahu said in a statement. “I’ve personally enjoyed using the app to teach the song to my kids and share in the holiday joy with them. I hope it gives parents around the world a chance to interact with their children in a fun new way this holiday season.”

The app allows children to play along with the song, as seen in a YouTube clip about the app. Matisyahu is known for bringing Jewish themes into reggae and hip-hop, and the song is catchy and easy to ‘jam-along’ with.

“Everybody who grew up celebrating Chanukah remembers those nights as a child, surrounded by family, fun and beauty,” said Sammy Rubin, Mibblio’s creative director, in a statement. “We are so proud to have worked with Matisyahu to create an app that we believe really captures the essence of the holiday.”

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