Polish Synagogue Defiled By Swastikas

Swastikas and other anti-Semitic symbols were painted on a synagogue building in Gdansk, Poland.

The vandalism was spotted on the facade of the building on Monday morning.

“Someone just came in broad daylight and defiled our temple,” Mieczyslaw Abramowicz a representative of the Gdansk Jewish community, told TVN24 television. “It was done by anti-Semites or someone who does not know what that sign means and he did it out of sheer stupidity.”

Police investigating the case are not excluding the possibility that it may be the same vandals who three weeks ago set fire to a mosque in the city that caused approximately $16,000 in damages.

The synagogue vandalism was classified as the promotion of Nazi symbols, which could result in two years in prison.



  1. Roman Melnychuk says

    Good! Who really cares??? Jews know better than be in Poland, right? Just like we Ukrainians are not liked in Poland.

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