Who? What? How?

110113_mishmash_israelHow did trees save Israel during the Six Day War? Who was Zvi “Zvika” Greengold, and why was he awarded Israel’s highest medal for heroism? How did the State of Israel grow between the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War, and what challenges did it face? Why didn’t Israel launch a pre-emptive strike in 1973 before the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War? What IDF military operation was the “farthest in range, the shortest in time and the boldest in imagination”? It was late, and Herzl had a burning fever, yet he stepped off his carriage and continued his journey on foot. Why?

Thanks to a curriculum recently developed by Bar-Ilan University’s Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, elementary and junior high students in day schools and supplementary schools throughout North America will now be better equipped to answer these and other questions.

The Israel Throughout the Year curriculum took five years of intense research, planning and writing and is now available for students in grades one through eight.

The curriculum allows students to answer the above questions and more in just 16 modular

lessons; schools can choose to utilize either the colorful print or digital versions.

Do you want to bring it to your school? Click here.

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