Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Northern Israel

 Sirens were heard thought the Galilee this afternoon, as three rockets were fired from Lebanon into Northern Israel in the Nahariya area. Two rockets fell in open unpopulated areas; one rocket was intercepted by the “Iron Dome” anti-rocket system. No injuries or damage were reported. A few civilians suffering from shock were admitted to hospitals.

Reports from Lebanon indicate that the IAF has already retaliated.

Civilians in the north were instructed to stay close to their designated shielded areas.

MDA has elevated its level of alertness to the highest level.

The Haifa airport has been shut down by the IDF. Events scheduled for this evening in the north have already been cancelled.

No terrorist organization has taken responsibility yet. Hezbollah is currently heavily engaged in the civil war in Syria, and so it is less likely that they are looking to initiate another front against Israel. Palestinian terrorists groups have rocket capabilities, and it is possible they are trying to draw Israel into the regional turmoil.


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