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    Legacy of Loss

    BY Simone Ellin | Photos by David Stuck
    The challenge to remember

    Alice Herz-Sommer was 110 years old when she passed away in February. Born in Prague, but living in London at the time of her death, she was believed to have been the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust. Sommer’s passing, as well as the recent deaths of several prominent survivors in Baltimore’s Jewish...CONTINUE »

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    BY Heather Norris
    Passover is THE holiday for those with dietary restrictions

    For the many members of the Jewish community who more or less avoid consuming chametz year-round, Passover brings welcome relief. “Passover is a big treat for everybody,” said Chana Fishkind, who, along with her two sons, maintains a gluten-free diet. Her husband, she said, just goes with the flow. Two years ago, Fishkind...CONTINUE »

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    Kansas Gunman Targets JCC

    BY Marc Shapiro and Heather Norris
    Jewish institutions horrified by pre-Passover attacks that killed three

    Kansas’ tight-knit Jewish community was rocked just one day before the beginning of Passover as a gunman took the lives of three people in attacks just minutes apart outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park and a local retirement home. According to various news reports, at about 1...CONTINUE »

  • Legislative Look-Back

    BY Marc Shapiro and Heather Norris
    Local Jewish Organizations Hail 2014 Session as a Success

    For many in Maryland’s Jewish communities, the recently-concluded 2014 legislative session was a success. With a resolution...CONTINUE »

  • O’Malley Signs Decriminalization, Medical Marijuana Bills

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Bills make possession of small amounts of marijuana a civil fine and establish an effective medical marijuana program

    Gov. Martin O’Malley signed a new medical marijuana bill and a bill that would decriminalize possession of...CONTINUE »

  • Exhibit Explores Eugenics, Nazi Medicine

    BY Marc Shapiro
    ‘Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race’ is at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library at the University of Maryland, Baltimore until April 30

    The idea of eugenics, the study and practice of improving mankind through selective reproduction, was widespread in...CONTINUE »

  • Secretary’s Standing Goes ‘Poof’

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro
    Top diplomat’s remark sparks ire on both sides of political aisle

    After spending more than two-and-a-half hours testifying in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of...CONTINUE »

  • B’more Bluegrass

    BY Heather Norris
    After last year’s sellout, second annual festival moves to larger location

    With a new location and an almost entirely new lineup of artists, the founders of the Charm...CONTINUE »

  • Kansas Gunman Unfortunately Nothing New

    BY Joshua Runyan

    Any doubts as to the danger of anti-Semitism in the United States were unfortunately put to rest...CONTINUE »