My Special Latkes

Anyone with a Jewish mother knows that no matter how old you get, they still get you “special” things. Whether they want you to wear your special Chanukah sweater or they made chicken just how you like it, the Jewish mother’s ability to accommodate her children is boundless and ageless. In my case, it means… Read More

The Complexities of the Jerusalem Decision

President Trump actually fulfilled yet another foreign policy campaign promise: the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by an American president. Am I witnessing a political miracle of tectonic proportions or is this explosive history in the making? Listening to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, you might be forgiven for thinking chickens… Read More

You Should Know… Erin Konheim Mandras

The irony is not lost on Erin Konheim Mandras. The wife, mother of three, soccer coach, motivational speaker and self- titled “Mommy Blogger” has a son with severe food allergies that, in turn, caused a feeding disorder. Mandras, as a college soccer star, developed anorexia, a dangerous eating disorder. So, mother and son share a… Read More

Setting the Record Straight

When I first started out in journalism, before the internet age, I worked at a newspaper where the copy process was very strict. Before a story was assigned, there was conversation with editors about how to approach it. When the piece was turned in, it would be given to the fact-checking team. Then the copy… Read More

Community Expresses Frustration with Shomrim SUV

A meeting on the distribution of Video Lottery Terminal slots funds drew roughly 100 residents, community stakeholders and city officials to Pimlico Race Course last week. Attendees had questions about the SUV that had been presented to neighborhood watch group Shomrim at a Nov. 11 event at Congregation Shomrei Emunah. Some at the meeting challenged… Read More

In This Picture-Perfect Italian Town, Chanukah Is Celebrated Year-Round

It’s always Chanukah in the picturesque town of Casale Moneferrato in northern Italy’s Piedmont region. Jews have lived in Casale Monferrato for more than 500 years, with the community reaching its peak of 850 members at about the time Jews here were granted civil rights in 1848. The town still boasts one of Italy’s most… Read More

Why So Many African-American Basketball Players Love Israel

Chris Watson played four standout years of basketball at Niagara University, where he became one of the upstate New York school’s all-time leading scorers. So when the 6-foot-7 forward-center went undrafted by an NBA team in 1997, he set out to play on a professional level internationally. He played two years in Uruguay, then his… Read More

Conservative Movement Faces Allegations of Sexual Abuse

In the current awakening about sexual misconduct in the workplace, the Conservative movement is much like everyone else — processing the almost daily revelations while also not immune to the reach of the #MeToo movement, as one of their own has been swept up in allegations of sexual abuse involving minors. Last week, the United… Read More

Turnbull Says ‘Great Chemistry’ Fueled Running Mate Decision

The Women’s March in January was a watershed for Susan Turnbull. “After the Women’s March, all of us who are activists at heart looked at ourselves, ‘What can I do?’” said Turnbull, former vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. “And I had been grappling with that for months when I met Ben and this… Read More

The Good Word at the Bible Museum Leaves Visitors Speechless

“It’s like Chuck E. Cheese and the Bible had a baby,” the guide told the visitors at the entrance of the Museum of the Bible. And the visitors, 17 supporters of an Israeli hospital about to begin a private tour of the latest attraction on the National Mall, saw that it was very good. Inside… Read More


Which is the better latke topping, sour cream or apple sauce?