• 081514_coverstory_lg

    Digging Up My Roots

    BY Marc Shapiro
    A reporter begins putting together the puzzle of his own ancestry

    I must confess. Although I consider myself somewhat of a history buff and do what I can to continue to educate myself, it wasn’t until this year that I started to dig into my family genealogy. In college, I studied the African diaspora, took a class on the Holocaust, learned about pieces of...CONTINUE »

  • 081514_community-college-lg

    Community Colleges: Worth a Second Look

    BY Simone Ellin | Photos by David Stuck
    Two-year colleges offer low tuition and a chance for students to find their path

    As executive director of public relations and marketing for Howard County Community College, Elizabeth S. Homan is well aware that many parents and students view community college education as a last resort. “We know parents tell their kids, ‘If you don’t get your grades up, you’ll end up at community college’” she says....CONTINUE »

  • 081514_rand-paul-lg

    Supporter of Israel?

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro
    Sen. Rand Paul caught off guard with question on aid to Israel

    Although the 2016 presidential election is still a long way off, prospective candidates are already more than testing the waters for their presidential bids — primarily in the open Republican field. A potential presidential campaign means greater attention is being focused on past campaign promises by a hungry media eager to pick up...CONTINUE »

  • Missing Peace

    BY Melissa Gerr
    Playwright transforms memoirs of Camp David peace talks into drama for Baltimore Playwrights Festival

    Tense negotiations, strong personalities and psychological drama are reimagined in the new play “Fourteen Days in July,”...CONTINUE »

  • Adding It Up

    BY Heather Norris
    Local schools take math disabilities head-on

    With the advancement of Common Core and the debate over education reform heating up, math disabilities are...CONTINUE »

  • Right Man for the Job

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro
    Obama taps Saperstein as ambassador of international religious freedom

    After being vacant for nearly a year, the role of America’s top representative for religious freedom in...CONTINUE »

  • ‘An Effort of Love’

    BY Melissa Gerr
    Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon receives donations from Sinai Medical Center

    Two pallets of medical and surgical supplies woth a total of about $10,000 are on their way...CONTINUE »

  • Is the GOP the pro-Israel party?

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro
    New poll shows Republicans as stronger Israel supporters

    A new Pew Research Center poll showing Republicans more sympathetic than Democrats to Israel has Republican Jewish...CONTINUE »

  • Looking to the Past for Our Future

    BY Joshua Runyan

    You need only look at the prime-time television commercials to realize that genealogy is a big business...CONTINUE »

  • Living with the Land

    BY Allie Freedman
    Preschoolers’ garden plants seeds for knowledge, growth

    At Bet Yeladim’s new Jewish teaching garden — Gan Ellen in Columbia — preschool students learn Jewish...CONTINUE »

  • Fond Farewell to Frankle

    BY Simone Ellin
    Longtime Camp Airy fixture to retire

    It only takes five minutes with Rick Frankle to know that he is a mensch. And Frankle...CONTINUE »

  • And Now, Monty Python!

    BY Simone Ellin | Photos by David Stuck
    BT Community Theatre takes on ‘Spamalot’

    By now it’s a well-worn clichè. When you ask Baltimoreans where they went to school, they assume...CONTINUE »

  • Police Still Searching for Clues in Miami Rabbi Murder

    BY JTA

    Police have ramped up patrols in the Northeast Miami neighborhood where Rabbi Joseph Raksin was murdered last...CONTINUE »