• 041114_chametz-pets-lg

    Passover and Your Pooch

    BY Heather Norris
    Chametz isn’t just forbidden to you

    It is common knowledge that the eating of chametz is forbidden on Passover, but what do you do when your cat has been eating cans of chicken and gravy all year? What about your hamster that loves his oat-based treats? Since Jewish law forbids even deriving benefit from chametz during Passover, your pet...CONTINUE »

  • 041114_chametz-buyer-lg

    Confessions of a Chametz Buyer

    BY Simone Ellin
    Michael Hilliard explains why he does it

    The prohibition against eating leavened bread containing wheat, barley, oats, spelt and rye at Passover is well known. Some Ashkenazic authorities also prohibit the consumption of rice, millet, corn and legumes during the holiday, and most Jews make a point of cleaning their homes and cars, removing any crumbs that may have accumulated...CONTINUE »

  • 041114_peace-process-lg

    Back to the Drawing Board

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro
    Diplomats search for way forward after scuttled talks

    With only weeks left before the planned April 29 deadline to reach an agreement in the U.S.-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, the Obama administration has been working overtime to salvage the talks that unraveled early last week. Despite the effort, experts are bearish on whether any progress can be made with the parties involved,...CONTINUE »


    Jewish Orgs. on Alert After Fatal Shootings in Kansas City

    BY Heather Norris

    Kansas’ tight-knit Jewish community was rocked just one day before the beginning of Passover as an alleged...CONTINUE »

  • Meant to Be

    BY Simone Ellin
    Bnos Yisroel benefits from kindness of strangers

    Whether you call it “divine providence,” as Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore’s Language Arts department chairwoman Sara Arno...CONTINUE »

  • Ready to Roll

    BY Amy Landsman
    AL’s Gals take to their bikes

    This spring a lively group of women bike riders plan to hit the road for friendship and...CONTINUE »

  • MIDC Salutes Poliakoff

    BY Marc Shapiro
    After seven years, Abba David Poliakoff is stepping down as chair of the Maryland/Israel Development Center

    Abba David Poliakoff has a catch phrase about the Maryland/Israel Development Center that he’s practically known for....CONTINUE »

  • Organic Inspiration

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Honest Tea’s Seth Goldman discusses ups, downs of running mission-based business

    When Seth Goldman started making tea is his kitchen in 1998, he couldn’t imagine in his wildest...CONTINUE »

  • Giving Our Children a Chance

    BY Joshua Runyan

    Every now and then, events and timing conspire to offer opportunities for reflection. Looking back at what...CONTINUE »