• 072514_coverstory-lg

    ‘Welcome The Stranger’

    BY Heather Norris
    Many in the Jewish community along the Mexican border take a humanitarian stand in the contentious immigration crisis

    In the past nine months, more than 50,000 children have entered the United States illegally, many of them fleeing violence and gangs in Central American countries. While Congress and the White House have argued over how to deal with the flood of undocumented immigrants, many in the Jewish community have taken action. In...CONTINUE »

  • 072514_israel-lg

    Ground Incursion Hits Home

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Beth Tfiloh graduate among injured, two U.S. citizens killed

    The human cost of Israel’s ground incursion in the Gaza Strip hit close to home in the United States this week, with a Beth Tfiloh graduate hospitalized and Jewish communities in Los Angeles and South Texas losing members in the fighting. Among the wounded was Baltimore native Jordan Low, a 2013 graduate of...CONTINUE »

  • 072514_annapolis-lg

    Annapolis Approves New Eruv

    It’s a ‘dream’ come true for Kneseth Israel rabbi

    For Annapolis, it is the beginning of an eruv. On Thursday, July 17, Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides held an official dedication ceremony to authorize the Maryland state capital’s new eruv around the city. Pantelides signed the official proclamation at City Hall in the City Council chambers in the presence of Annapolis Eruv President...CONTINUE »

  • JCC Employee Charged

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Swim instructor tried to solicit sex from teenage boys

    A JCC Aquatic Center employee has been charged with sexual solicitation of a minor after telling an...CONTINUE »

  • Baltimore Stands with Israel

    BY Melissa Gerr and Heather Norris
    Local organizations offering events to showcase Israel solidarity

    The events unfolding in Israel are geographically far from Maryland, but Jewish Baltimore showed its solidarity and...CONTINUE »

  • And, the Price is Right

    BY Joshua Runyan
    For kosher meat lovers, Serengeti’s menu is a diner’s delight

    Meat lovers rejoice, because there’s a new kosher game in town that rivals in both price and...CONTINUE »

  • Local Businesses Hold Their Own

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Although big box stores and chains are coming to Foundry Row, local shops are confident in their futures

    When Foundry Row is up and running in 2016, an LA Fitness will be next door to...CONTINUE »

  • A Communal Responsibility

    BY Joshua Runyan

    Three decades ago, faith communities across the Southwestern United States, seeing as their moral duty to protect...CONTINUE »

  • FAA Lifts Ban on Israel Flights

    BY Dmitriy Shapiro and Alexa Laz
    Cruz cries dirty politics

    Late on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted its ban on flights by American carriers in...CONTINUE »

  • Boys’ Night Out

    BY Allie Freedman
    Etz Chaim’s past, present and future is celebrated

    The grills were fired up and the strong smell of Scotch filled the air on a recent...CONTINUE »

  • Eclectic Sounds Come to Baltimore

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Oregon Ridge Park hosts Believe in Music and Hot August Music festivals

    Oregon Ridge Park will host international reggae stars, guitar virtuosos, bluegrass heavy hitters and bigtime indie rockers...CONTINUE »

  • A Love of Israel, Inside and Out

    BY David Holzel
    Aaron Leibel’s novel ‘Generations’ tells of the Jews’ closeness to the land

    Aaron Leibel is Washington Jewish Week’s copy editor and former arts editor. Copy editing is a job...CONTINUE »

  • With the Rockets, A Loss of Tourist Dollars

    BY Joshua Runyan

    JERUSALEM — There was a time in the not so distant past when a visitor to Jerusalem’s...CONTINUE »