• 042514_coverstory-lg

    75 Years & Counting

    BY Heather Norris
    BJC marks diamond anniversary

    When news broke earlier this month of shootings at two Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kan., Arthur Abramson, Cailey Locklair and the rest of the Baltimore Jewish Council sprang to action. Within minutes of the initial reports, the organization halfway across the country from the crime scene was fielding calls from local political...CONTINUE »

  • 042514_hopkins-lg

    Bonds that Bind

    BY Melissa Gerr | Photo by David Stuck
    Jewish teammates share baseball, background

    Commitment to common goals, rigorous training and game participation — whether from the field or bench — for the Johns Hopkins University baseball team creates a strong bond among its teammates, say several players and coach Bob Babb. But when a shared background of Judaism and all that it represents — observances, upbringing,...CONTINUE »

  • 042514_orioles-lg

    Rabbis Reflect on New Oriole’s Anti-Semitic Past

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Delmon Young shouted anti-Semitic profanities during New York scuffle two years ago

    When Pikesville resident Avi Harris heard that Delmon Young would be playing with the Orioles this year, he was less than excited. “It was disconcerting,” Harris revealed recently. “I did not want him here.” What bothered Harris was an incident in April 2012, when the then-Detroit Tigers player allegedly got into a tussle...CONTINUE »

  • ‘Glitches’ in Kansas City security plan


    The deadly shooting in the parking lots of two Jewish facilities in Overland Park, Kan., exposed “glitches”...CONTINUE »

  • The Art of the Craft

    BY Melissa Gerr
    Sugarloaf Crafts Festival offers creations, demonstrations

    Unique handcrafted works, process demonstrations, music and artisan foods all come swirling together to make up the...CONTINUE »

  • Still Funny (After All These Years)

    BY Simone Ellin
    Paul Reiser to perform at Night of the Stars

    Baltimore will always hold a special place in comedian, actor and author Paul Reiser’s heart. It was...CONTINUE »

  • Kosher Wine Compromise

    BY Marc Shapiro
    Baltimore Jewish Council, alcohol lobby and distributors work out way to increase variety of kosher wines available to Maryland residents

    Maryland residents looking for a wider variety of kosher wines should have more options by 2015. A...CONTINUE »

  • Help for Jewish Women

    BY Simone Ellin | Photo by David Stuck
    Renfrew Center Jewish track comes to Towson

    Observant Jewish women who struggle with eating disorders now have a religiously sensitive treatment option close to...CONTINUE »

  • Peace in Our Time

    BY Joshua Runyan

    The year 1939 saw an upheaval the likes of which the modern world has rarely experienced. German...CONTINUE »