You Should Know… Eli Allen

Eli Allen not only helps people find jobs, but also helps the health of the planet at the same time. The 30-year-old Bolton Hill resident is the head of Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers (BCGC), an organization that seeks to find job placement for underemployed and unemployed individuals in environmentally friendly careers. Under… Read More

Hope for Peace

As the holiday season nears, so too do the opportunities to see friends and family, to worship together and to celebrate our Jewish history and heritage. Chanukah observance may vary a little from house to house, but some things remain constant: commemorating the miracle of the oil, the smell and sizzle of latkes and sufganiyot,… Read More

Hungarian Delegation Inspired by Beth Tfiloh

High school students at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School don’t know what it’s like to live in a communist country, but they received a glimpse from Hungarian teachers who have experienced it firsthand. After BT teachers traveled to Budapest earlier this year, Hungarian teachers from Jewish day school Scheiber Sandor Gimnazium returned the favor and… Read More

My Special Latkes

Anyone with a Jewish mother knows that no matter how old you get, they still get you “special” things. Whether they want you to wear your special Chanukah sweater or they made chicken just how you like it, the Jewish mother’s ability to accommodate her children is boundless and ageless. In my case, it means… Read More

If We Are Only for Ourselves, What Are We?

Baltimore City Councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer has been criticized for his role in directing almost $50,000 of public safety Video Lottery Terminal slots funds to purchase a new patrol vehicle for Shomrim, the volunteer community watch group that serves areas of Baltimore City and Baltimore County, and $265,000 for a new ambulance for Hatzalah, a… Read More

Alabama Redeems Itself … Barely

Amid the amazing display of political rhetoric, the sexual-harassment state of Congress, Trump’s recent tax bill awaiting final passage, and within all the verbal diarrhea, everyone lost the main point of this week’s Alabama senate election. This was not an election to decide whether Alabama favored a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate. This was… Read More

‘A Rugrats Chanukah’ 21 Years Later

For some people, nothing says the start of the holiday season better than classic movies, with perhaps “It’s a Wonderful Life” taking the honor of the most popular. But for the Jewish millennials of today, there’s another cult classic that gets us in the Chanukah spirit: “A Rugrats Chanukah” — a special episode of the… Read More

Scholar Talks the Seedy Underbelly of Jewish History

The Jewish immigration story is often one of scrappy greenhorns finding success in the new land through hard work and smarts. The Jews of the Old Country are remembered as pious folk who, depending on their foresight, either made it out alive or perished in the Holocaust. But all of that glosses over a lot… Read More

‘Supergirl’ Lifts — and Squats — the Bar High

“This is my favorite trophy,” said a young Naomi Kutin in her preteen bedroom. “It’s very big. I can barely lift it.” The irony is in her modesty. Naomi received that trophy and many others since the age of 8 when she started powerlifting. By 10, she broke the world record for lifting 215 pounds… Read More

In This Picture-Perfect Italian Town, Chanukah Is Celebrated Year-Round

It’s always Chanukah in the picturesque town of Casale Moneferrato in northern Italy’s Piedmont region. Jews have lived in Casale Monferrato for more than 500 years, with the community reaching its peak of 850 members at about the time Jews here were granted civil rights in 1848. The town still boasts one of Italy’s most… Read More


Which is the better latke topping, sour cream or apple sauce?